Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Raw. No Refined Sugars, High Fibre.

Please see individual product page for health benefit.

This gift set includes a premium selection of healthy snacks. Great way to introduce healthy snacking to someone you care.

This hamper includes:
1. go raw Ginger Snaps Super Cookies (85g)
2. go raw Sunflower Flax Snax (85g)
3. go raw Live Granola Bar (14g)
4. go raw Real Live Apricot Bar (14g)
5. go raw Live Pumpkin Bar (14g)
6. go raw Spirulina Bar (14g)
7. go raw Banana Bread Flax Bar (12g)
8. Stephen James Luxury Organics Cocoa Pili Nuts (34g)
9. Righteously Raw Organic Goji Chocolate Truffle Bar (66g)
10. Righteously Raw Bite Size Dark Chocolate (0.35oz) x3
11. Righteously Raw Bite Size Mint Chocolates (0.35oz) x3
12. Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Oat-based Cereal - Coconut Maple Vanilla Flavour (3 oz)
13. i-Detox "Product Usage Guide" 


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1. go raw生機 薑味超級曲奇 (85g)

2. go raw向日葵種籽超級曲奇 (85g)

3. go raw 生機 燕麥種籽小食棒 (14g)

4. go Raw 生機杏脯亞麻籽小食棒 (14g)

5. go raw 生機 南瓜小食棒 (14g)

6. go raw 生機 螺旋藻小食棒 (14g)

7. go raw 生機 香蕉亞麻籽小食棒 (12g)

8. Stephen James Luxury 生機菲律賓火山果仁 - 原味 (34g)

9. Righteously Raw 有機杞子朱古力

10. Righteously Raw 黑朱古力  (0.35oz)x3

11. Righteously Raw薄荷巧克力 (0.35oz)x3

12. Vigilant Eats有機超級食物燕麥底麥片3oz

13. i-Detox “產品使用指引

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