During a car journey the passengers are exposed to various burdens. Constant and alternating electric or magnetic fields, pulse-modulated fields generated by mobile phones or Bluetooth as well as stress are typical burdens during a car ride. The same applies to bus and train journeys. An examination with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt shows, that people who were exposed to these burdens, always show the same resulting regulation deficits.

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt describes these deficits through a total of six special fundamental frequency values (12,50; 82,60; 87,79; 99,75; 86,85; 99,50).

Exactly these six fundamental frequency values have been integrated into the six dipole antenna systems of the CAR-RAYEX in accordance with the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt and can be harmonized in the organism.

The CAR-RAYEX  can be cleaned with a wet cloth. A wash under running water is not required.

For the Biofieldforming devices there are interesting cell biological studies show that by means of such fundamental frequency values the regulation ability of cell structures can be affected very positive.

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在汽車旅行期間,乘客承受各種負擔。恆定和交替的電場或磁場,由移動電話或藍牙產生的脈沖調制場以及應力是在乘車期間的典型負擔。這同樣適用於公共汽車和火車旅行。根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振檢查顯示,暴露於這些負擔的人總是顯示相同的結果調節缺陷。

根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振通過總共六個特殊基頻值(12,50; 82,60; 87,79; 99,75; 86,85; 99,50)描述這些缺陷。

這六個基本頻率值已經根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振原理被集成到CAR-RAYEX的六個偶極天線系統中,並且可以在生物體中協調。



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